Training our pups, improving ourselves

Why Harper matters

Dogs are amazing for us

Dogs are essential parts of the lives of millions of people around the world. As humans and dogs living under the same roof, we’re taking part in a tradition that is 15,000 years old. There’s even science showing we’ve evolved to benefit physically and mentally from being together.

Training is love

The world today looks way different compared to the environment in which we evolved. It’s especially true for dogs. Today, to care about dogs is to equip them with the skills to feel safe and confident in the modern environment as they navigate the day alongside you.

To teach is to learn twice

Building a dog training habit will help create a calmer house and a more pleasant pup. But we were shocked at the lessons we learned through dog training. Watch as thoughtful dog training teaches you principles that can make you a better partner, family member, teammate, leader, and person.

The Harper difference

Training, of any kind, is a lot like sweeping the floor—doing it well once won't guarantee that it will be clean forever. It’s true of exercise, learning a language, or mastering a skill. And it’s true of dog training.

That’s our secret: We focus first on helping you enjoy and build a habit of playing training games with your dog. Over the long run, it’s the most effective way to train.

How Harper makes money

Incentives matter. Harper has to make money to keep the lights on, and it’s super important to us that our success is tightly coupled with yours. Anything valuable is a product of repetition, so we want to create the incentive for everyone to keep growing and getting better month after month. That’s why Harper relies on a subscription.

What Harper believes

Build for winter

You can only be helpful if you’re still around. We’re building Harper for the long haul. If we want to be around a long time, that means we have to prioritize integrity, humility, and putting skin in the game.

Pull the thread through

Context matters. Starting with Why connects decisions to purpose and embues them with meaning. Reminding people of the second-order benefits of their choices makes it easier to keep the habit up.

Always be pruning

Focus is a super power. We want do fewer things better. And we want to create a training studio that helps you excel at the few things that matter the most to you.

Care and connect

We’re a company founded by designers and engineers. We’re craftsmen at heart. We believe that accepting and embracing our humanity is the most effective way to create products that matter.

Smallest loop possible

We learn quickly. We respond quickly. We take action. And we find ways to create compounding effects in everything we do.

Harper is based in Cincinnati

We’re three busy dog parents building something we desperately need for ourselves. We hope you find it useful too.

—Brennan, Robin & Nick