Hey Harper, I've got a dog training question. I'm curious… When we're on a walk with our 3 month old pup, she will decide she’s done and plop on the ground. But not at the end. More so at the beginning and more so when my kids or wife take her on the walk. We’ve tried bribing to get her up, tension on the leash (but not too much). Any thoughts on dealing with this? 


Her resistance to walking could be due to a couple things. She might not like wearing her collar/harness or her leash. She also might not find walks particularly interesting. In either case, assuming you can get the collar and leash on without much trouble, I'd focus on making the walk more of a game. In other words, don't worry about how far you've walked and instead focus on what you do during the walk.

Our "Walk Like a Champ" course will give you some ideas on things you can do while on a walk Open Walk Like a Champ from your iPhone

And because you used the word "bribe" I'll note that you want to really avoid bribing your pup with treats. We do use "lures" for some games because it's the quickest and easiest way to get the pup into a position that you can reward, but generally speaking, your pup shouldn't even know you have a reward for them until they've performed the behavior, otherwise, they'll only perform the behavior when they know you have a treat in your hand. Check out Are You Trying to Bribe Me?