House Party isn't like most of the other Harper games and courses. We typically encourage short training sessions of 5-10 minutes, but with House Party we actually recommend your first training session last long enough to get through four games (although no more than 45 minutes).


Because with House Party, you're showing, nay, proving that the crate is a valuable place to be by giving your pup all of his reinforcement there. As soon as you let him out to run around and play, it reinforces there is value outside the crate too. Thus, it's helpful to have him just focus on the value inside the crate first before exposing him to value outside again.

To give yourself the best chance of getting through the first four games, we recommend reviewing each of them at least once before playing. You can have your phone with you for reference once you get started, but you'll move through the games quicker and decrease the chance your pup gets bored if you're already familiar with them.

After reviewing "Are You Ready to Party?" (which doesn't require your pup), try to tackle these four games all in one training session:

  1. Where's the Party?
  2. Turn it Up
  3. License to Leash
  4. Make an Entrance

What if you don't get through the first four games in one session?

That's totally fine! It might take you a little longer because you'll need to go back and spend more time warming up on the earlier games, but it won't hurt the overall outcome. If you have to choose between a session lasting more than 45 minutes and splitting it up into 2 sessions, we recommend splitting it up into two sessions every time without a doubt. Forty-five minutes is a loooonnggg training session, especially for a young dog or a dog that's just getting into training.