One reason your pup pulls on the leash is because walking with you is boring. Even worse, lots of the fun stuff tends to be just past where the leash can reach.

Now, "don't be boring," might seem to contradict the idea that walks are supposed to be relaxing (mentally stimulating sure, but overall very calm). Walks are supposed to be like "reading a book" or "listening to music" we said.

We did say that, so good on you for remembering!

While it's true that walks are supposed to be a relaxed activity, it doesn't mean they need to be boring. You're not going to read a boring book for very long, and your dog isn't going to stick by your side for long if the walk is too boring.

So what can you do to keep the walk interesting without your pup getting over excited?

Here are a few ideas:

Five Ways to Keep Walks Interesting For Your Dog

Walk a new route each day

Not only is walking the same route boring, but it gives your dog the impression she knows where she's going. And when we know where we're going we tend to walk a bit faster to get there. Faster usually leads to pulling.

Make frequent turns

Walking in a long, straight line for too long can also lead to pulling. Again, your dog starts to think she knows which way to go which causes her to walk faster and pull.

Give random (and not so random) treats

Many of the games, like Walk Together, have you treating periodically for great walking behavior. While no one wants to spend their entire walk feeding treats into their dog like a coin machine, giving treats for ignoring a distraction or even just because you feel like it is a great way to keep walks interesting.

Walk in interesting and new areas

Instead of walking only on sidewalks, trying cutting through a parking lot or maybe go out of your way to walk by a house that has rosebushes. Give your dog opportunities to experience new things on the walk and, of course, be patient with them since new things are often tougher distractions.

Do other activities on your walk

Who says you only have to walk on a walk? Periodically ask for a sit or a down. Not only does it add variety to your walks, it's a great way to train since it helps you practice skills in more difficult environments.