Unless you live in the woods and have a free-range dog, you probably have places inside your home where your dog is allowed to go and places he's not allowed to go unless he gets permission.

For example, maybe your dog is allowed on the couch, but he's not allowed on the bed at all, ever. Maybe you let him run out the back door whenever it's open because there's a fenced in backyard and it's safe, but you don't let him run out the front door because he might run into the street and get hurt.

Boundaries apply outside the home too. You might have boundaries in the car where your dog must stay inside until he's told it's okay to jump out, or maybe he has to stay on the sidewalk and not walk in other people's flower beds.

Whatever your boundaries are, it's important to communicate them to your dog and be consistent. With some deliberate practice and a few treats, you can make sure your dog and you are reading from the same rule book.