Have you ever wondered how they get dogs in movies to stand and walk in the right place?

The answer is some variation of the skill "place."

Place is your pup's ability to go to a specific location when you ask her to. That location could be a dog bed, it could be a yoga mat, or it could just be the hallway entrance.

When your pup does something you don't want, place is an extremely useful skill because it gives her something else to do instead.

Does your pup beg at the dinner table? Teach her to wait on her dog bed instead. Does she run to the door whenever someone knocks? Teach her to stand in the living room doorway and wait for treats. Does she get under your feet when you're cooking in the kitchen? Teach her to chill on the other side of the counter and wait for you to reward her with extra food.

Teaching place is easy. Your pup might already do it and you just need to formalize it. And once you have multiple places, there's an endless amount of fun to be had sending her running back and forth!