Your puppy is learning from the moment you get her. Like we say at Harper, "you're always training."

As much as you'd like her to learn all the right things, the truth is, your first several months are going to be busy with making sure she goes potty outside, gets the right amount of food and water, doesn't bite your hands all the time, and doesn't chew up your phone charger.

Trust us when we say that those things can be exhausting and that the feeling is normal.

To help you along, Harper has some advice on the top three most common issues puppy pet parents (that's a mouthful isn't it?) face, starting with the first night you bring your new puppy home.

In Flying Start you'll learn:

  1. How to help your puppy sleep in her crate the first night
  2. The best practices for house training
  3. What to expect and how to manage puppy biting and chewing