Recall, also known as "coming when called," is one of the most valuable skills a dog can learn.

A pup that will come to you when you call her, no matter what else is going on, solves or prevents almost any other issue.

It's also one of the hardest skills for some pups to master (walking nicely on a loose leash is up there too).

Mastering recall means your dog chooses you over something else that she might really want. In this way, recall becomes a true unbiased test of your relationship.

Does your dog love you more than she loves chasing squirrels? Try calling her while she's chasing one and you'll find out.

There's no secret to mastering recall. You just have to work at it, and you have to deliberately practice in real world situations, which means you have to go outside.

The good news, recall games are some of the most fun games to play. There's nothing boring about it for you or your dog.