When you ask your dog to sit, what you usually mean is "sit and stay there" as in "sit and stay there until I get your leash on" or "sit and stay there while this rowdy dog walks past us."

The same goes for down. I'd bet you almost never tell your dog to lay down and immediately get back up (unless you're playing a game like "puppy pushups").

That's why we don't think of stay as a separate skill. Instead, we think of it as an element of another skill like sit or down or place.

For this reason, we don't have a separate word that mean "stay." You can use one if you want to. We just think it's redundant and can be confusing if you don't handle it properly.

We do however, teach a word for "you don't have to stay any longer." We call this the "release" word and when your pup hears it, she knows she is "free to move about the cabin" so to speak. She can stay, she can move, she can do whatever she wants.