If you've completed the Hand Targets course, wow, you've achieved a lot! If you're motivated to keep going, here are some other things to work on.

Growing Your Hand Targets

Hand Targets While on Walks

Try asking for hand targets while you're on walks. The outside environment, with all of its distractions, will provide an interesting new challenge while giving you a way to keep your pup on a loose leash close at your side.

Hand Target Relays

Find a friend and have your pup practice running back and forth between the two of you to punch your hand targets. Combine it with your pup's name as another way to practice coming when called.

Related Harper Courses

Come When Called

Now that you have hand targets in your tool belt, this might be a good time to visit or re-visit "Come When Called."


Similarly, hand targets are a great way to add some extra enthusiasm to your stand behavior. Give the course a look and see how you can incorporate hand targets to get some extra pop in your dog's stand from the down position.


It's counter intuitive but the key to a great stay behavior is a strong release behavior, and the key to a strong release behavior is a strong moving behavior. Hand targets are a great moving behavior to cue once you give your pup the release.