Welcome to You Decide. Along with I'm the Prize, this is one of the most foundational courses in Harper.

If you think about it, from the other side, dog training is just dog learning. And learning can only happen when a decision actually gets made. Just like with people, no one learns their lesson when someone else makes the decision for them.

Letting your dog make decisions is the only way they can get feedback, adjust, and get smarter about what you want. It means we need to be patient in the moment so our pups have the chance figure things out. That's not always easy or intuitive for us. But when they do pick it up, then you've got something to reinforce. It will stick with them more intensely than if you simply took away the distraction, held them by the collar, or coerced them into it.

This course will introduce some simple games that give your puppy decisions to make and learn from. They're games you can continue to play well after this course as a way to build confidence. And it's a framework you will apply to specific skills we'll tackle in future courses.

Let's get started.