If your dog is not doing what you want her to do, it’s not her fault. That's on you.

Repeat that until it’s burned into your brain forever, because remembering it will save you a ton of frustration.

Dog’s are immensely trainable. You know this because you’ve seen it. You’ve seen other people with perfectly trained dogs, dogs that come when called, dogs that don’t bark at everything that walks by the window, dogs that sit calmly by their owners’ side off leash when a squirrel runs past.

Yes, every dog has its own personality, but the odds your dog is untrainable are so low that you might as well round it to impossible. It’s impossible that your dog is untrainable.

Why is this important to remember? Why should you be glad that it’s not the dog’s fault? Because it means that getting the results you want is perfectly within your control. The situation is not hopeless. You’re never stuck with a dog that just can’t learn. Your dog can learn as fast as you can learn to train them.

If your dog is not doing what you want her to do, it’s not that she’s a bad dog. It's that your training needs work.

The individual mechanics of training aren’t too complicated. It’s a science more than an art, and it's one that’s been studied since the beginning of domestication more than 15,000 years ago.

Your dog wants to make you happy. It's always on you to show her how.