Like most things in life, training is a non-linear journey. A Harper course may look like a straight line. Each course has games, they’re presented in a specific order, and it looks like you’ll just start at the top and go to the bottom and you’ll have mastered whatever that course is.

Sorry, but no.

Success in any game can have a lot of definitions that are totally dependent on you, your pup, and your situation. You should absolutely not try to perfect a game before moving onto the next one. Your goal is to make enough progress to simply get to the next one.

Some day, if it’s important to you, you’ll come back to that other game and get closer to perfection, but usually that’s only possible after you’ve built additional layers of training that only come when you work on other things.

Likewise, taking a step back for a training session if your pup is struggling is going to happen. A lot. Don't sweat it.

Just don’t ever let yourself feel stuck. Always aim for progress, not perfection.