Most of the lessons in Harper are about changing a behavior, because that's often the best solution to the challenges we face as dog parents.

For example, if your dog keeps jumping on your friends, the best thing to do is teach her not to do that (and for those of you familiar with Harper, you probably already know that the specific solution is to teach her to do something else instead).

Rarely would you approach a situation like this and decide you'll just never invite friends over to your house ever again.

Occasionally though, the best course of action is to manage around the undesirable behavior. This is especially true when the undesirable behavior is temporary.

Puppy biting is an example of a behavior that is temporary (and a rare example we might add—we wouldn't want you to think your puppy is magically going to grow out of all her undesirable behaviors). Your puppy will grow out of her incessant urge to bite, so rather than trying to completely eliminate that urge now—which would be hard, if not impossible—it's easier just to manage it until it goes away.

That's what this section is all about.

In the lessons that follow, we'll show you how to manage your puppy's environment to minimize the biting. You'll also learn how to make the biting tolerable, so that it isn't as annoying as it currently is.

Let's get started.

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