Surviving the puppy biting phase is simpler than you might think. Once you accept that you can't completely eliminate it (that will happen on its own as your puppy grows, usually by the age of 7 months), then your strategy becomes one of management and containment.

Step 1: Management

Managing your puppy's biting is more reliable than trying to contain it, so we recommend starting here. You might already be using some management techniques and not even know it. In fact, you might even think your management is a sign of failure. For example, maybe your puppy just wouldn't stop biting your ankles this morning so you "gave up" and moved her to her crate and gave her a chew toy.

This isn't failure. This is a management technique we call active rest, and it's as valuable to you as it is to your puppy.

You'll learn about this technique as well as others in the first section of the Puppy Biting Survival course.

Step 2: Containment Through Physical Stimulation

When we say containment, what we're really saying is finding a way to decrease the amount of biting. In this case, you'll use physical stimulation to wear your puppy out and decrease her urge to bite. Like with any containment exercise, this doesn't always work, but a tired puppy often becomes a sleeping puppy and a sleeping puppy doesn't bite (or at least, won't bite if you keep your hands away from her mouth).

The second section of Puppy Biting Survival will show you some easy games and activities that will help your puppy burn off excess energy while also practicing some valuable skills.

Step 3: Containment Through Mental Stimulation

You can also contain your puppy's biting by exercising her mind. Have you ever noticed how when you feel slightly bored, you immediately reach for your phone? Puppies are the same way, except when they're bored they immediately reach for something to bite or chew on.

In the third section of Puppy Biting Survival, we'll show you some games to play with your pup that require them to focus, which offers a great distraction from biting.

Step 4: Your Puppy Grows Out of the Biting Phase

There's nothing to do here. We just wanted to remind you again that your puppy will grow out of it. Not only that, if you complete Puppy Biting Survival, then by the time she does, you'll have a dog that knows what is and is not appropriate to chew on for the rest of her life.

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