Have you completed every game and every other article in Puppy Camp? If not, go away!


Ok, now that they're gone, congratulations on making it this far. The bond you built with your dog, the lessons you've learned, and the skills your puppy has developed will impact the rest of your time together. That's huge.

To complete Puppy Camp, we've got one final challenge for you.

Agree to this, and your dog will become a Harper legend forever.

Ok here it. Say it with us:

We're going to keep training a little every day.

Yes, starting off on the right paw is the most important part of a great relationship between dog and human. You found us at just the right time.

But too many people make the mistake of assuming that their quest is over now.

There's still so much for your pup to learn, practice, and explore.

This isn't the end of your training story. Not even close. This is the end of the first chapter. Just imagine if they only made one Star Wars movie!

Celebrate this major accomplishment. Give your pup a big treat and some extra scratches for us. Take some time to scroll back through your training journal and watch how far you've come.

Then it's time for your pup to start on their Empire Strikes Back.

Congratulations fam. We'll see you tomorrow.