Have you ever noticed that when you have a treat, your dog stands or sits directly in front of you to wait for you to give her that treat?

Why does she do that? How does she know to go there?

One reason is because that's the easiest place to see the treat. The stronger reason is because that's where you always give her treats.

Think about it, when you ask your dog to sit and she does, where is she when you give her the treat? Once in a while she may be off to the side, but more often than not she's in front of you, and almost certainly she's not sitting at your side directly at your hip facing the same direction as you (unless of course you're already an experienced trainer and just reading this stuff for fun).

To put the profit in profit position keep these tips in mind:

  1. Don't give rewards in front of you
  2. Give high value rewards
  3. Reward often

If you have to move your own body so that your dog ends up in profit position when you give a treat, that's fine. At least you're not reinforcing being directly in front of you.

Not only should all good things in your dog's life come through you, but all good things in life should be delivered in the profit position.