You've probably encountered some games that told you to play the game outside too. Did you do it? Well if you didn't, we're here to emphasize that you definitely should.

We get it. No one enjoys a commute. It's much easier to work from home than drive to an office, and it's easier to work out in your garage than it is to walk to the gym. Plus, your home is more comfortable and less intimidating.

Unfortunately though, not working on games outside in the "real world" is a classic mistake. Sometimes it's helpful to have a place free from distractions to get the mechanics of a game right, but most games are useless unless they work outside too.

In fact, we're telling you right now that if you have not been practicing outside, you should stop practicing inside and only practice outside. Ignore whatever the individual game tells you. Get your outside reps in. It's the only way to figure out how motivated your pup really is to work with you.

If the only time they'll work with you is when you're the only gig in town, then you're a lot further from your goals than you thought you were. The best time to fix that is yesterday. The second best time is right now.