While you're teaching the skill of loose leash walking, you need to give up on your old idea of what a walk is.

Walks are no longer a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Now, walks are serious training.

What's the difference?

The goal of the walk is not the walk

Regular walks have a goal like going to a specific place or walking for a specific distance. Training walks have goals like "walk twenty steps in a row without pulling on the leash" and "walk past another dog without leaving your side." This means if you need to walk past the same spot ten times to practice ignoring a distraction, that's what you'll do. If you need to end the walk early because your pup is just too excited to work, you do that too.

No pulling allowed

On a regular walk, you might tolerate your pup's pulling and other inappropriate behaviors. You mostly counted it as the cost of going on the walk. That needs to end now that you're doing training walks. You can't expect your dog to understand what you want if you still allow him to pull on the leash sometimes.

Treats are always on hand

Now that you're training, you need to bring treats with you every time you go on a walk. You need some way to reinforce your pup's good behaviors if you hope to see them repeated.