The position section is where things start to get really intresting.

If all you did was practice getting your dog into the appropriate position (which we call the "profit position" as you'll soon learn) and then gave her the absolute best rewards when she stayed there, it would be hard not to end up with a dog that walked like a champ.

We don't call this behavior "heeling" because in the world of obedience competitions that word has a very specific definition. The idea is similar though. You want to teach your dog to automatically hang out by your side. This is useful not only for walks, but also for recall, retrieve games, greeting other people, and any situation that requires good manners.

Goals of This Section

  • Your dog knows where the appropriate position is
  • Your dog develops a habit of hanging out by your side even when you don't ask

Section Games Overview

Value for Profit Position

This game introduces you to the idea of the profit position, gets your dog to show up there, and builds a ton of value for being there. It's an easy introduction to profit position. If your dog will chase a treat and then walk forward to eat another treat out of your hand, she'll succeed at this game.

Value for Profit Position Outside

You can't invest too much in profit position at this stage, so we essentially copied the "Value for Profit Position" game and made it harder by taking it outside. At this point in the course you should be spending a lot of time playing games outside. That's where the walking happens so that's where you need to practice.

Profit Position Spins

This game has you turning in place while your dog follows you to stay in profit position. It's a great test of whether or not you've built enough value for profit position but it also helps her practice making small adjustments to get into position.

Profit Position Black Hole

This is another game that rewards your dog for coming to your side. What makes this game different and more difficult is now you'll ask your pup to come to your side from all kinds of different angles, and not only that, you'll ask her to rotate her body until she's facing the same direction as you. This game is hard, there's no doubt about that, but the first time your pup comes to your side and pivots into place without you having to lure her is going to be so cool!