Write that down. Silently mouth the words with your lips. Repeat it as a mantra every time you put your dog's leash on. Write it on your arm like you were trying to cheat on a final exam. Do whatever you have to do to commit that to memory because the truth of it will set you free.

Walks are not exercise.

A one mile stroll around your neighborhood is not going to tire out an energetic dog, let alone a young one.

Once you accept that walks are not exercise they'll instantly get better, because instead of trying to tire your dog out, you can focus on helping your dog relax. A relaxed dog is a dog who is less likely to struggle with the leash.

Think of it this way: a walk for your dog is like reading a good book or listening to a great album. It lifts your spirits, it provides some mental stimulation, but it does not make you physically tired.

Right now your dog expects a walk to be exciting, fun, and a chance to play. Instead, you need to teach your pup that walks are relaxing, like reading a book.

Walks are not exercise.