You're on your way now!

You've made your way through 14 days of Puppy Camp! By now, you've been introduced to almost all the essential aspects of training a puppy and being a great dog parent.

Starting with Week 3, you can pick and choose what suits you each day.

Some games will need a second human. Some require real pants and leaving the house.

Instead of dictating what you need to do each day, now Puppy Camp focuses on what you and your dog need to learn by the end of that week.

Work through the games and articles in whatever order you need. Play the games multiple times. And remember you can always go back and play games from before.

A few protips:

  • Daily training. Progress only comes because of habit.
  • 2–5 sessions a day, 2–5 minutes each. That's all it takes to see major progress each week.
  • Record your training sessions in the app. Having video of your progress each day is useful for training and stores a lifetime of memories without trying.
  • Ask us for help. That's why we're here.
  • Have fun.

Ok let's go!