Welcome to Harper and welcome to Puppy Camp! We're so glad to have you. Your puppy is thrilled too, I'm sure. An app on your phone that's just for them!

Who This Is For

Puppy Camp is for puppies of any age. The older your puppy, the faster you might move through the very beginning. The younger your puppy, the more you may spend time on those fundamentals. That's all good. Everything in Puppy Camp is valuable for every dog (even adults!).

Puppy Camp is for all humans, no matter their experience with dogs. Harper doesn't just show you how to get your dog to sit or walk on a leash. It's also about teaching you how to hold up your end of the bargain as a dog parent. You don't need any past experience with dogs or dog training to win at Puppy Camp. We'll show you the ropes.

What You'll Learn

Your dog and you are going to learn so much! Puppy Camp has three main goals:

  1. Help you establish or strengthen your bond with your pup
  2. Show you the basics of being a great dog parent for them
  3. Teach your puppy the first essential skills of being a great dog

How It Works

Puppy Camp is made up of articles for you and games for your dog.

Articles are quick reads you can pull up over coffee or while you're waiting in line for lunch. They'll introduce you to important dog parenting lessons like your puppy's sleep schedule, why dog training works, or how to handle tricky situations.

Games are training exercises you play with your dog. Each has step-by-step video examples to watch. Then it's your turn. You record your training session in the app, evaluate how it went, and save it to your puppy's profile.

We recommend playing training games daily, for 2–5 minutes each. That's it!

Puppy Camp is broken up into sections. The first two weeks have specific lessons for each day. After that, it's organized by week.

But you, you can move at your own pace. This is about you getting to know your dog, so learning when they're struggling and when they've mastered something is super important. Run your own race.

When you feel good about your progress in a game, mark it complete. When you get stuck or have questions, tap the 💬 button to ask us anything, anytime. And when you've completed every article and game in Puppy Camp, you'll be a legend!

What's Next

Ok, enough preamble. As soon as you can, go grab a handful of treats or food for your dog, and call them over. Let's play our first game!