Does any of this sound familiar?

Signs of normal puppy biting

  • Your puppy will specifically target soft spots on your body, like your hands, or your exposed ankles.
  • Sometimes the biting will leave scratches or marks on your skin, and even occasionally result in light bleeding.
  • When your puppy is really excited, it's like she can't even hear you. No matter what you try to do to distract her from the biting, she just comes back harder.
  • The biting seems to be constant throughout the day. It feels like you never get a break.
  • Even if you try to give her a toy to chew instead, she still seems more interested in biting you or your clothes.

If this doesn't sound familiar you either don't have a puppy or have only had a puppy for a couple days, because every puppy parent goes through some form of this.

It's so common that people even make jokes about it, and those jokes get lots of likes.

Does my puppy have an aggression issue?

If it's your first time, then the above behaviors might give you serious pause. You might start to wonder if your puppy has aggression issues.

In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no. Your puppy doesn't have an issue with aggression. Your puppy is just a puppy doing what puppies do. In other words, it's normal.

Keeping in mind that every puppy is unique, typically, the biting phase ends around the age of 7 months. If the biting is still an issue after 1 year of age, or if the biting starts to change or appear alongside other signs of aggression like aggressive body language (ears pinned back, growling, etc.) then it's time to reevaluate whether your puppy's biting is normal. Until then, it's safe to assume that what seems like an extreme amount of puppy biting is actually...unfortunately...not.

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