You completed the Place course!? How's it feel? I'm assuming great.

Maybe you're wondering how you can keep that feeling going. Here are some ideas:

Growing Your Place

Place with distractions

It never hurts to practice holding a place in the face of increasingly harder distractions. Place is a tool. Think about how you want to use it, for example, maybe you want your pup to go to his place when people are at the door, and practice those scenarios.

Long stay in your place

How long will your pup hold his place? If you're trying to get him to hang out with you while you make dinner but he keeps getting in the way, work on him holding his place for the length of prepping a lasagna for the oven.

Other places

Add other places to your repertoire. Strictly speaking, you might not need more places, but it's really fun to send your pup back and forth between places like it's a game of musical chairs. Go to your bed! Now go to your house! Now go to your mat! Back to your house!

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House Party

House Party has elements of place because it teaches your pup to go to his crate on cue, but it covers lots of other fun skills too. It's worth checking out if you enjoyed teaching place.


Place is like training wheels for stay. Once your pup learns to stay within the hard boundaries of a place target, the next level up is staying anywhere. Check out this course if you're interested in having a tool you can use anytime,