You completed the Tug course! Did you love it? Is tugging your new favorite game to play with your pup?

If you're wondering where you can take the tug game next, here are some ideas:

Growing Your Tug

Tug as a reward

Try using tug as a reward instead of food treats. A good place to try this would be to pick a new Harper game and see if you can play that game entirely with tug as the reward (Note: this won't work well for games that require a lure).

Fast releases

How fast does your pup release when you ask him too? Is there room for improvement? Try raising your standards and seeing if you can get an immediate drop.

Related Harper courses

Come When Called

As was discussed in the course introduction, tug pairs nicely with recall skills. Give this Harper course a try and see if tugging has strengthened your bond with your dog and made getting him to come to you when you ask a lot better.

House Party

Like Tug, House Party is another course that's favored by agility trainers. It packs a lot of skills into a simple and easy to understand course and it further develops that fundamental bond between you and your pup.